Certified Roofing Solutions appreciates your roofing business, now see how we can help you reduce your rising electric expenses.

✓ 30% Federal Tax Credit

✓ Save money on your electric costs

30 Year Warranty on Product, Labor and Roof Penetration

✓ Go Solar With $0 Down

✓ Lock in a lower price for electricity, pay less
Increase property value without more property taxes

✓ Available battery backup power

Adam Schmidt

Introducing Adam Schmidt

Adam Schmidt is the Manager for our new Solar Division. With a decade of experience, Adam is a solar expert. His strong reputation of honesty and integrity fit perfectly with Certified Roofing Solutions, LLC. He is an investor and mentor with Powur, PBC, our deeply vetted and chosen partner for solar .

Benefits of Solar Panels on Your Home

Why Are Homeowners Going Solar?


Installing residential solar panels can reduce your electric bill by tens of thousands of dollars by allowing you to source your own energy directly from the sun.


Why did you buy your home instead of rent it? Right now, you are renting your electricity. You have no control over it, owning your solar system gives you control of your costs.


Take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit, as well as Florida incentives of no sales tax and no additional property taxes, even though the solar system raises your property value.


The electric utilities raise their rates an average of 6% per year. That means your cost doubles every 12 years. Stop paying rising electric rates when you go solar and lock in a lower rate.

How Solar Panels Work for Your Home

Solar panels work by harvesting energy from the sun and converting it into usable electricity for your home. Any unused excess electricity from your panels can either flow back to your power meter to offset the cost of your future electric usage, depending on your area and utility provider, or be stored in a battery backup for use during a power outage or at night when your panels aren’t generating electricity.

Get the facts on today’s solar, see the price and savings. Get solar with zero upfront costs!

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